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JuiceTM, our Content Management System (CMS), provides an immensely powerful platform upon which we build your website in a way that makes it work as a dynamic part of your business.

Better website = better business
For a start, editing and updating content on your website with JuiceTM CMS requires only the most basic IT skills. It's as simple as looking at your website and clicking on the content you want to change (if it still doesn't sound simple enough, don't worry: our full-time support is complemented by free training).

This gives you and your staff the confidence to keep your website updated, and in doing so enables your business to benefit from higher rankings in search results, greater interest from the public, and an active website able to communicate with customers, partners and employees.

Plug in and extend
However, it doesn't end there. The JuiceTM CMS software can be extended with "plugins", additional pieces of software that provide extra functionality and allow you to do more with your website. To trade online you would use our advanced eCommerce plugin. To syndicate feeds of information across the Internet you would use our Web Feeds plugin. To centrally store documents and files you would use our Document Management plugin.

The possibilities are endless
Although we maintain a standard selection of available plugins, if you want to do something that is specific either to your industry or even to your business, we will work closely with you to develop a plugin that meets your precise requirements.

Search engine aware
JuiceTM was built from the ground up to work well with search engines. This means that websites using it can be easily found and, with the right content, highly ranked. Automatic generation of sitemaps and robots files (databases that map websites), exclusively friendly URLs (humanly-readable addresses that are easy for search engines to decipher), integrated SEO tools and the ability to fine-tune and impose side-wide meta data are among the features that give Juice (and your site) the edge when it comes to search rankings.