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The key to making the most of the power of your business's website, regardless of its size, is to stay in control. Wisebusiness's Web services, delivered under the Juice brand, allow you to concentrate on doing just this - without having to worry about a single technical issue.

Wisebusiness have vast experience in website design, working with the client to get the look they want. Website development comes next and wisebusiness are meticulous in the detail ensuring that the website will work on all the latest browsers and conform to the industry standards. Wisebusiness also have experts in SEO (Search engine optimization) that can work with you to push your website up the search results.

Support when you need it
Our service-based approach means that we are with your business every step of the way. From the design stage, when we employ professional graphic designers to work with you to create the right image for your business, to the point at which your website is up and running (when you will be using our intuitive software to edit and update it), we will always be there to provide any support you might need.

Automation makes life easier
Day-to-day our Juice CMS (Content Management System) keeps your website healthy all on its own. For example:

  • Sitemaps and robot files (hidden page databases used by search engines to find content in websites) are automatically created whenever a search engine requests one, meaning that the information that search engines receive is always up-to-date to within milliseconds.

  • Content that you don't want visible is automatically hidden from both visitors and search engines.

  • Images are automatically resized and processed so that they display correctly.

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